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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Digging deep

After a fun-filled evening of many episodes of Weeds (Season 3)and pizza and IPAs, Sunday morning came too quickly. Spending all night in my compression tights made for some very happy legs this morning. My upper back was a little sore from the aero position I held in yesterday's ride...even during the climbing. But the legs? Feeling good. Ready to run.

Great, great, great run this morning. Legs were nice and loose from the ride but hips were a little tight, especially the left one. I worked through it though - breathing deeply into the trouble spots as I knocked out the miles. Finished in 1:25:43 and couldn't be happier. Was a sweaty mess and enjoyed a nice double fudge chocolatey recovery drink.

Laundry, laundry, laundry. I think I folded 9 loads today. F**k, I need a maid. BIG TIME. Or a housekeeper. Whatever. I just need someone else to take care of my chores! I hated doing them growing up and I sure as heck hate them now. That will never change!

Mike and I headed to the pool about 3:50 - it took forever for us to get there and when we finally did, I checked my bag and realized I had forgotten my inhaler. $&^% *^(@ #^*%& [Insert obscenities] Drove all the way back home to get it and return to the pool. By this time, it Justify Fullwas about 4:30. I was dreading, dreading, dreading the swim.

Somehow muddled through the swim, very unenthusisastically. I was starting to feel fatigued half-way through. but didn't want to give up. but DID want to give up. This is what Ironman is about. You're freaking tired. Physically, mentally. You want to quit. You don't give a shit anymore. You're so close but you don't care. and then somehow, somewhere, you find a way to go on. You dig deep. You search hard. and you just find "it" ... and so I did. You can either spend your time at Ironman digging yourself INTO a hole or digging yourself OUT of one...it's that simple and you have that choice to make. And so it is this day - not enough sleep, a great run 12 hours after a 100 mile ride, a long afternoon of chores, a stupid swim workout that I wanted to bail on altogether - many highs and many lows - that I will tuck into my back pocket (along with some other really tough days) and pull out at Ironman to remind myself that I. can. do. anything.


bj said...

Nice job, keep at it, you're so close. Just go through the motions at this point. You're fitness is just building and building, so stick with it.

RunnerChick said...

I love your descriptions of IM. Sooo true. You give me goosebumps.

Go.2.Belle said...

I'll fold your towels, if you fold my socks. (I hate socks so much) xo Sis.