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Thursday, July 2, 2009

My First Stroke n Stride of the Year

We headed to Boulder rez tonight for our first Stroke n Stride of the year (1500 meter open water swim/5k run.) Normally, I dread this but tonight was really excited. It's quite a hassle/ordeal getting home from work, taking care of the dogs and getting to the rez all by 5:30pm. It's always worth it in the end but I hate rushing like that (story of our life though...the Freisem's are ALWAYS late!)

Mike and I met up with the Average Skirt and bjames. The weather was perfect (no rain OR lightning) and we actually had enough time to get down to the water to warm-up. Something I have never done in the past but will ALWAYS do in the future. I felt really good and not a nerve in sight. Things are really shaping up on the swim for me. FINALLY! Did I mention how freaking HARD I work on the swim? Just want to make sure you knew that. ha!

Jess had me start on the inside - no point in swimming farther if I don't have to and this is something I am also always going to do in the future. I "heart" the inside - not many people swim there and it makes for a short(er) swim. I stopped in the beginning for about 30 seconds - was feeling really winded but put my head back in the water and just swam. I had a great second loop and was about exactly 5 minutes faster than last year 33:09 vs 38:09... All the hard work is paying off and I am going to keep bustin' my ass to get faster. The run was a struggle for me. Legs and body were tired so I muddled through. I dont' like running fast with a ridiculously high HR but had to suck it up for the measley 5k.

Afterwards, headed to Proto's for pizza and beer. Tomorrow's a huge day - riding to the top of Trail Ridge Rd in Rocky Mountain National Park. Close to 10,000 feet of climbing - can't wait! Hope the weather holds... forecast was not in our favor.

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