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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stroke n Stride!

GREAT stroke n stride tonight. Despite my beat-to-bloody-hell legs and not getting enough sleep, I had a great time. The usual crew was there (Pizza Lover,Average Skirt,Top of the Key and HEPster J.J.) and we headed down to the water to warm up. Starting to feel super comfortable in my long sleeved wetsuit. Not feeling choked or strangled or claustrophobic, which is nice, because you have to be very intimate with that thing for a long time in the water!

The waters were pretty choppy on the way to the first turn buoy on both laps but that didn't bother me much. It was a great swim and I made great time this week. 33:59. I just keep improving and that's all I can ask for...working with Eney has been the best thing for me this summer!

Tried to transition quickly and legs felt pretty good out on the run. HR was a little high so I tried to get that under control. Was able to pick up speed on the way back and finished in 26:58. Not my best 5k time but not my worst.
Looking forward to the next one ... there are only 2 left - kind of a bummer because it means summer is almost over BUT on the other hand it means I'm only that much closer to Ironman!

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Amy said...

I wish I lived closer to Boulder so I could do the S&S' up there. Did em last year and miss them. Congrats on the awesome swim and run! You are a rock star.