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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stroke n Strut #2

After yesterday's much needed rest day - and let's face it, haven't taken one in way too long, I was feeling pretty refreshed for tonight's Stroke n Stride. Wasn't exactly psyched up to run but was definitely looking forward to the swim. I think someone has stolen my brain and switched it with a swimmer's. Seriously... looking forward to the SNS swim? Wow.

Met up with BJ and Jess and had to start the swim alone. Jess was swimming the relay so she started with Wave 1 - which was the men's 1500 meters. She is somewhat of a safety blanket for me but she won't be with me at Wisconsin so now was a good time to try something new. I went to the FRONT of the women's wave start, about 2 rows back and stuck to the inside. When the race started, I swam hard and tried to get past the girls that were in front of me and get into a rhythm, eventually slowing down my stroke but not stopping. and. it. worked! I felt extremely confident and had no nerves bumping into these women. I am telling you, NLP WORKS! Thanks Will!!!!

I didn't stop at all, total first for me and felt like I was swimming great. 2nd loop felt even stronger. The water was choppy but I have so much fun in those kinds of waves. I passed a ton more people on the back half of the second loop and when I got out, looked at my watch with diappointment. I think I was a minute slower than last week. However, BJ pointed out that the distances are different every week and it's not 100% accurate at 1500 meters. That made me feel better because I really did think I swam stronger. No matter what, I have made peace with the water and for that, I am so grateful.

Took the run slow...I mean, silly slow. A little after mile 1, I saw Suzy and said screw it, turned around and ran with her for a bit before I stopped altogether and walked, or strutted more like. I joked to another athlete that I was just practicing my Ironman pace- for some reason, he found this really funny. and it wasn't that I was sore or tired, it was just that I really wasn't into it and I wanted to save everything for Sunday and more importantly, this isn't about anything other than September 13th. I have to look at the big picture, Ironman Wisconsin.

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Jessica said...

And very nice job on the no stopping, don't sweat your time....it's the experience that counts. I think you are going to be very pleased at IMOO! See you Sunday, can't wait!