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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunrise Century

Up early, 4:30am to be exact. I am so looking forward to a Saturday where I can just sleep in and not worry about waking up before the heat. I'm not complaining - I just don't fall asleep quickly like my spouse and so I get way less sleep than I should. Willow is a terror at night - she's totally nocturnal so that doesn't help.

Mike's friend, Tim was at the house about 5:20 and we were not ready yet. Poor guy. I was in a robe and I can't even imagined what my hair looked like meeting him for the first time. We finally got our shite together and were out the door about 5:50. The sun was already up so that was encouraging. Skies looked blue and clear. Another good sign.

We set out for our ride about 6:45am and there were a ton of cyclists. It was a gorgeous day for a ride - air was crisp and there wasn't much wind. My freaking bike computer wasn't working so that kind of bummed me out. It would have been nice to know what kind of cadence and speed I was doing all day. We jumped into a paceline early and that was so much fun because it was fast and I couldn't have done that on my own.

The climb up St Vrain Canyon was a mother effer. Very difficult up to Peak to Peak. My legs were toast but I clung to the back wheels of Mike and Tim. We picked up Amanda from HEP along the way and the 4 of us had a blast just chatting and climbing and suffering. We made good time to Ward and I was ready to get to the ride to Nederland over with. I was sick of climbing as our big cloud cover discipated and the sun was shining full force. It was getting hot. I just wanted to descend Left Hand from Ward and fly.
Eventually that happened and we had soooooo much fun doing it. It's amazing what takes 5 hours to get up takes less than 1 to get down. Made our way to the last aid station, filled up and made our way to the finish. Saw Wilson going down Nelson Rd and shouted out to him. Funny how we see our friends all over Boulder at any given time. We missed BJ by a few miles as he was fueling up in Hygiene. We got back to the cars, loaded up our bikes, threw on our running shoes and ran for 10 minutes. It was hell. But in the best way possible. I was just hungry and of course had lead legs but it brought back a flood of memories. Memories from September 8th that is. With each passing day, I become more excited and feel more ready for Ironman.

We rode somewhere between 102-104 miles based on the course but Mike's bike computer was off for a bit - so it only recorded 101.52 miles in 6:24 and climbed over 7000 feet. That's about 13 minutes faster than last year and on a tri bike no less. I think I only have 1 or 2 more big rides before Ironman - it's so crazy to think that it is almost here. FINALLY!

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Amy said...

Congratulations on such a great ride! Sounds like it was a lot of fun and more money in the bank! Plus, you looked cute!