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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A swim and a ride

This week is a little screwy with our schedules - not sure why but I am doing a lot of shuffling with "the plan." Instead of a 2550 swim this week, it's split up between tomorrow night's 1500 meter stroke n stride swim and this morning's 1050 meter swim. When you get this far into training, you just do what you can and when you can. I hate swimming in the morning too so it was nice to have such a short one.

After work, rode 20 miles OD. Got a late start but it had cooled off by the time I headed out. My focus from now through taper will be on cadence and keeping it high. Just keep pedaling fast, turning over the legs as much as I can. This will definitely help get me to the next level. Feeling solid on the bike so far, we'll see what happens on Saturday's 100 mile ride. I cannot lie though, I am TIRED!

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Amy said...

Yippee for feeling good.