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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Saw Jess for a massage Monday night. 75 minutes of pure torture and sheer heaven. Oh, the irony! Walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. Also, knew that wouldn't last long. Big week this week.

Tuesday - what did I do? Mind you that was freaking yesterday. Mind is scrambling. OH YES. Rode the trainer for 33 miles - roughly 2 hours, 10 minutes. Watched the final stage of the Tour. There was some threat of rain/lightning which is why I chose to ride inside. It was a great ride though and nice test to my mental strength.

Today - woke up on the late side this morning and was only able to ride for an hour. Had a 22 OD ride planned but couldn't get it all in. After work, the plan was to run 13 miles, however, mid-way through my run, the skies were so black and there was so much lightning that I opted for the 7 mile OD run instead. The temperature was incredible though - only 55 degrees. Crazy for July.

Change of plans for tomorrow - not going to Stroke n Stride but hitting the pool for my 3500 meter tempo swim. Hopefully the weather holds so I can do it in the outdoor pool. So, far feeling really good this week. Hard to believe IMMOO is so close. SO HAPPY! HOORAY!

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Amy said...

Good luck tonight at the pool - I hope the weather holds. And so glad you saw Jess....she makes everything better. About the 2 mile OW swim I did. It's at the Cherry Creek Rez and you can sign up ahead of time at withoutlimits.com. COME DO IT NEXT WEEK! They have snacks after. Thanks again for the "chat" this AM.