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Saturday, August 15, 2009

112 Mile Bike

After yesterday's much needed rest day, Mike, Tim and I set out this morning about 7am to attack another big day, 112 mile bike. The plan said 105 but mentally, I needed to hit 112. Thankfully, Mike was cool with that as we made our way to Carter Lake. Perfectly overcast skies, with some pretty ominous clouds to the west made for a cool ride, with some breeze. I'll take that over 90 and sunny any time.

Legs were still tired after Thursday's 20 miler and I gave it everything I got today. Was having some trouble breathing - lots of coughing. Something is definitely up with my asthma and aggravating it. Going to get that checked out Monday at the doctor.

Today wasn't about speed, but about the distance and after some 7 hours and 15+ minutes in the saddle, I finally got home. That sucked big time but I kept a positive attitude and held my expectations at bay. I will be fully rested at Ironman and can only hope that I'll be at least 35 minutes faster on that course than today's. At least, that's my goal.

The barn is almost full...just a few more bales and then we can finally shut those damn doors!

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Amy said...

Oh, it is full my friend!!!!!!