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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2800 yard open water swim & a 3 mile run

After a stormy afternoon, not sure the open water swim was going to happen tonight. Mike and I got to Union rez and it was pouring. After about 10 minutes, it was a light drizzle and the serious athletes emerged from their cars. The lifeguards were NOT happy but had they paid $575 for a race, that rain or shine would take place, they too would swim in the rain, just in case because you know, it could be raining at Ironman. The only reason the swim would be halted or cancelled would be because of lightning. No lightning tonight. We were swimming!

The swim course is marked off with buoys and is about 400 yards. I love swimming here because of that! It had stopped raining completely by the time I hit the water. It was perfect- 70 degrees outside, 72 in the water. The skies were clearing and the mountains were in full view. It was the "perfect" night.

Last year I would swim these laps in about 9 minutes, 30 seconds. My first lap tonight was in 7:06. Oh the progress I've made... went under 7 minutes the second 400 at just about 6:58 and then hovered right around 7:01-7:05 for the remaining 5 laps. Now, please be reminded this is not speedy for most but for me? This is incredibbly fast. I am learning how to feel comfortable pushing myself in the water and getting my heart rate up. I am not going to pass out or drown. This is a new concept to me. and now the numbers are starting to crunch in my head for Ironman. What WILL my time be? We are going to test this out on Saturday at an organized 2.4 mile open water swim at Boulder rez. We'll be dead tired because we're riding 120 miles the day before but this will give me something to go off of for Wisconsin. I am pretty sure there will not be a 1:41 this time around. I know I am going to PR the swim.

After, we met a guy who was doing IMAZ this November and it is his first. Of course Mike and I were so excited to talk to him about it and the whole experience of Ironman and how there are two kinds of people that do IM. Those that LOVE IT (us) and those that don't. I am not sure why people who don't love it do it but they do, believe me. Anyways, after an invigorating chat, Mike and I went for a nice 3 mile run. The sun was setting and we were higher up so our views of the rez and the mountains were stunning. It was awe-inspiring and it reminded us of 2 things. 1. Why we love living in Colorado and 2. Why we love Ironman. Because if we weren't training for an IM, we wouldn't be out running after a swim at night after a full day of work. 18 days until Ironman.

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