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Sunday, August 16, 2009

4,000 Meter Swim and a trip to the Urgent Care

After a tearful goodbye party at my good friend Kelly B's last night (she's moving to Australia next week), I was less than excited for today's swim. On top of crazy tired legs, oh yeah, even less than less than excited.

Feeling pretty weak as my lungs have been bothering me, I fully intended on finishing today's 4750 meter swim. The weather was gorgeous and I was anxious to get working on removing yesterday's awful tan lines (despite the clouds.) However, the coughing and tightness of chest started right away so to make it easier, I used the pull buoy for the entire swim. Coughing under water really sucks but I really wanted to get this swim done. After almost 2 hours in the pool, I had to call it quits. and I was totally ok with that! I swam a hair over 2.4 miles and that was good enough for me!

Went to the city to meet up with Kelly W. and just have a normal, non-triathlete, girly afternoon. We walked around Cherry Creek, grabbed a beer at a bar and then had tapas appetizers and a glass of Pinot at a Mediterranean restaurant. We talked our heads off and had so much fun. I miss these kinds of afternoons and look forward to many more after Ironman. However, I found myself grabbing for my albuterol inhaler every hour and on my way home, decided a trip to the Urgent Care was necessary. I was afraid to go to sleep only to lay awake coughing all night.

Received a nebulizer treatment and was sent home with a prescription of prednisone, a steroid used to reduce the inflammation in my lungs and help me breathe easier. Going to my regular doctor tomorrow to go over my current medications and see if I need to up the dosage of anything I'm on or get on something else. Pretty sure this flare-up is allergy related as this summer has been pretty brutal for me allergy wise. Just looking forward to a good night's sleep.

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Amy said...

I hope you feeling better by now! I can't believe you went to urgent care. Geez. I love afternoons like the one you had in CC too - so fun.