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Sunday, August 9, 2009

5430 Long Course

Woke up today with no expectations other than having a really fun day with my friends. We are in the height of Ironman training and even with a fairly rested body (this week), it would be unrealistic to set any time goals.

We got to the Rez super early – something we never do (even got there before the G’s) and I got a prime transition spot. Lots of my friends are in the Women’s 35-39 age group and we all racked together and chit chatted, making jokes and just trying to calm our nerves. Transition closed at at 6:20am and we had another 50 minutes or so until our wave was set to start. Nothing like waitin’ around.

Body marking courtesy of Wicked Pissah!...HTFU!

Swim: went off without a hitch. We were the 2nd to last wave and we started with the Relay Swimmers. Jess found us a really good ‘spot’ to start in, she eyed it earlier and we were off. I swam inside the buoy line and pretty much stayed there for the entire 1.2 mile swim. Very little contact with other swimmers, just the way I like it. Of course, when I got to transition all of my girlfriends were already on the bike. They’re quick little fishies.

Transitioned quickly and already had my shoes clipped into my bike – why not try something new on race day?! Seemed to work out ok though…phew!

Bike: This bike course is one of my favorites. It’s tough but can be very fast if ridden properly. Winds picked up a bit but it wasn’t too hot. 2nd loop was even better as Women’s IM World Champion, Chrissie Wellington, passed me on hwy 36 and then 5 minutes later, across the road, I saw Men’s IM World Champion, Craig Alexander out on a training run. What a motivating moment in the race for me.

Another quick transition, made easier due to our wave placement, just yards from the run entrance. My triathlon team was manning that first aid station too so it was really uplifting to see some energetic, fresh faces!

Run: The run went suprisingly well. I have been battling left foot numbness for a few weeks now and today was no different. But as Mike would say, I have a ridiculously high tolerance for pain, and I think this is what makes me such a strong athlete in the latter half of an endurance event (I think annoys Mike too! haha.) Perhaps this will come in handy if I ever get pregnant??? Finished strong and happy to have this race under my belt going into the final stretches of Ironman. 2009 Overall Time: 5:46:12 (9 minute PR over last year!)

1.2 Mile Swim: 43:34
T1: 1:55
56 Mile Bike: 2:52:03
T2: 1:27
13.1 Mile Run: 2:07:15

2008 Overall Time: 5:55:41
1.2 Mile Swim: 48:08
T1: 6:13
56 Mile Bike: 2:51:11
T2: 3:13
13.1 Mile Run: 2:06:57

As you can see, I have made huge improvements in my swim and transitions, which has been my main focus this year. On fresh legs, who knows what I can do. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see next year as there will be no Ironman for me.

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