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Friday, August 28, 2009

Breakthrough Ride.

It's over. We made it. 24 weeks of hard training. in the bag. hay in the barn. Hooray! Today was our final scheduled big workout before Ironman. (we have a little un-scheduled workout tomorrow but sshh!)

Tim, Mike and I left at 6:30am for our momentous 120 mile ride. The weather. was. perfect! Couldn't ask for a better day although according to Tim, we could, but I said that would be bad karma. We decided on following most of the Buffalo Classic Ride up through Boulder to Carter Lake up north to Masonville and then back. Did I mention how awesome the weather was?? THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE! Last year was so miserable [READ HERE]

We had so much fun. I love riding with these guys. Tim is hilarious apart from being a great rider, total sandbagger. He is training for IMAZ and he has ridden with Mike and/or I almost every weekend for the past few weeks. He's a great training partner for Mike because he'll do whatever is on Mike's schedule. haha, he's CRAZY! Anyways - he's really funny too and between him and Mike, I spend a lot of time laughing with and at them.

There isn't a whole lot to say about this ride that I haven't said about past long rides except how incredible I felt! Legs felt great. Upper back and shoulders felt great. Feet? so-so. Going to get the same fancy mirrored shoes Mike has and will give those a go. I have been in the same pair since 2007, probably time for a new pair.

We had some pretty good head winds on the way back and got a little lost in Loveland but made it back to familiar territory when we happened upon the "Carter Lake Road" - that was a huge score. We had a run-in with a jerky old man in a white pick-up - Tim and I threw some f-bombs at him. I got a trucker to honk the horn for me with a double-fist pump. We consumed dr. pepper's, salted cashews, whatchamacallits and a skor candy bar on top of the techno-food and drinks we had with us. We got to sit in a really BIG adirondack chair. Like I said, a FUN day.

We got home at exactly 120 miles, I mean right to the driveway exact. and that was nagging at me. Last year I rode 125 miles but it was inside and outside and so to get over the mental block and push myself to the limits, I asked Mike and Tim, should I go 5 more? Just to prove to myself that I can do it? Tim told me that I had been thinking about it all day and if it was going to get me to my mental edge to then GO. Mike encouraged me to. So I went. Out 2.5 miles in the hood and back. and I got home and smiled. 125 miles. I broke through my mental barrier and that was the whole point of this ride to begin with. 7 hours, 48 minutes, averaging 16mph. I couldn't ask for more from myself. My goal at IM is to ride 16.5 mph - I hope I can do it.

I am off to bed. We are doing an organized 2.4 mile open water swim at Boulder rez tomorrow and Tim will be here at 6am. Yikes! Let's hope Pokemon will be ready on time. Love you honey - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16 days until Ironman. :)

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