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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Breakthrough Run - 20 Miles

This morning, ran 20 miles, which consisted of a warm-up, three 6.4 mile loops in my neighborhood and a cool-down. I run this course consistently – it’s pretty hilly and obviously repetitious. (Great practice for Ironman!) This was my final long run before Ironman. Wow. This is it, the home stretch. I think back to my breakthrough run last year and how awful it was, and the run fell the Thursday after the Long Course too….funny the difference a year makes.

Flash back a year ago…
8/14/08 You are now entering the NO FUN Zone
…Sharp pains came from under my toes, on the sides near my big toes and I became angry. I could feel all the new blisters forming. I was at approximately mile 18 when I lost it. Broke down. Stoppped. Crying my eyes out. It hurt so bad. I have run 36 marathons. NEVER in this kind of pain. If I had a knife, I probably would have literally cut my feet off. Graphic and horrible, I know but the truth. I felt every pebble, rock, uneven surface with each foot strike. I just wanted so badly for my feet to just go completely numb. No luck. Got done and was able to cool down for about 10 minutes before quickly tearing off my shoes and putting my feet into the very cool water at Coot Lake. Damage control starts NOW…

Fast forward to now…
8/13/09 – Enter the FUN Zone
It was the perfect morning and quite honestly don’t think I could have bought this weather if I had all the money in the world. Completely overcast, slight breeze as I made my way out the door at 7:30am. Again, the goal was to get warmed up and then run three 6.4 mile laps, each one faster than the last. This is tough for me. Mike teases me how I am consistent but never push myself to run harder or faster. I have had issues with getting my heart rate up on the run all summer, Coach calls it a depressed heart rate. Well, today I had nothing to be depressed about.

6.4 miles – lap 1: With the best selection of songs on my iPod, I made my way through my first loop, barely getting my heart rate over 145 (z2 starts at 150bpm.) Body felt good as I could still feel the remnants of a half-Ironman just 4 days earlier. My left foot started tingling around mile 2 or so and I just ignored it. There was no other choice.
Lap 1: 1:05:30

6.4 miles – lap 2: Ok, need to push it. Just wanted to get my heart rate over 150, putting me into z2 and along with it, gaining some speed. Left foot is almost completely numb at this point and I’m getting to used to that strange sensation. Muscles are sore but blocking the pain out. It is still overcast.
Lap 2: 1:00:00 (negative split)

6.4 miles – lap 3: Kick it into high gear and the goal is to get my heart rate over 162bpm, into z3. Dug deep. Soul-searched. Could hear Mike’s voice in my head; in order to be faster, you have to run faster, push it, push yourself. I think I can do that. It’s just for an hour. One measley hour of my life, sure it’s going to hurt but you got this, you can do this. You are going to negative split all three loops, K. COME ON. HTFU girl!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lap 3: 58:14:98 (negative split)

Holy shit! I was spent, wrecked, destroyed. My hips hurt, my feet were killing me, my quads and hamstrings were shredded. and you know what? I have not been this happy or triumphant all year! This isn’t pain to me, this is the greatest kind of joy I could ever experience… And I actually teared up when I finished my run, even pumped my fist (Jess!). These are the kind of days that wipe out ALL of the bad ones, completely erase any negative thoughts or self-doubt. This day is going in my back pocket and will probably be pulled out somewhere around mile 130 at Ironman and if you see me then, smiling bigger than ever, you’ll know what I’m thinking about. I may even double-pump my fist at mile 130, just to let you know!

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Aldi26 said...

Ok, I'm stationing myself at mile 130....and I'm holding you to that double fist pump!! I will also throw you a fist pump from the sidelines! :)