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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Breakthrough Swim.

Today was an important day...for a few reasons. #1 and most importantly, it's Mike's birthday!! The big 4-0. But that is just a number. In the 8 years I have known my husband, he has never been more committed, driven, healthy and handsome than he is right now! You are just getting better with age baby!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We started off the day with a 5am wake-up because we were heading over to Boulder rez for an organized 2.4 mile swim (important reason #2) . I was sooooo looking forward to this swim because I felt it would give me a good indicator of what to expect at Ironman. The mass start began at 6:45am and I waited a few minutes before heading out alone. No need for a crazy beach water start when we don't do that in Madison anyways (we start treading in deep waters.) Mike set out just before me and I had the water all to myself. It was incredible. So perfect!

I felt great the whole swim. It was two 1.2 mile laps and I felt like I held a nice rhythm. I didn't push too hard, not sure I know how yet. Everything just felt "comfortable." Last year's IM swim time was 1:41:46 (2:41/100m pace). Holy slowski! I didn't check my time after the first loop and just kept on going. I just wanted to finish today and then see what it was.

Nothing out of the oridinary happened during the swim and when I finished, stood up and looked down at my way watch. I wanted to cry. I ran up to the beach and crossed over the timing mat.... in 1:23:36!!!! (2:09/100m pace) Are you joking me? Did I seriously just shave off 18 minutes??? I met with Eney four time this summer and it was so worth it! We actually have two sessions left with her that I will use this winter. I can only imagine what you sub 1:20, 1:10, 1:00 swimmers are thinking - that's "great" but I don't think you quite understand how incredibly huge this is. I now feel like I am part of the "average" swimmer group. I have never been so proud or happy for my hard work than I did this morning. I have busted my ass all summer to get faster and it has worked! I have higher hopes at Ironman - more adrenaline, sea level, bodies to draft. I never thought a 1:20 Ironman swim time was possible for me. Now that is the dream number, my goal.

We spent the rest of the day running errands before heading out to the Denver Skirt Chaser 5k aid station in Cherry Creek. That was so much fun. I was the water girl and progressively got louder as the huge pack made its way through our aid station. (((((WATER))))) became the joke (scream it as loud as you can) and I explained to everyone that I have no such thing as an inside voice. I'm a very loud talker!

The F&G's met up with bjames for dinner after the race for the most delicious meal at Cafe Brazil in the Highlands. It was so much fun (too much actually) and a wonderful way for Mike to celebrate his birthday. Who knew making farting noises with your hands and mouth was still funny to a bunch of adults!?!?! Guess what, IT IS!

I am exhausted now and am quite happy to be taking tomorrow off from training. I am going to volunteer for SkirtSports at an all woman's organized ride, the Venus de Miles, up in Longmont. I love this event and this year they are expecting 1500 women riders. AWESOME!!! 15 days until Ironman....

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