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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Covarrubias Clan Visits Colorado!

Last night, the C’s rolled in around 7pm… Dana, Hector, Harrison and Mayan…and with them came a flood of Chicago memories. Dana and I went to HS together, she was a year behind me. We were pretty tight and definitely “new wavers” – she donned the Peace symbol religiously (and still does) and I donned a funked up hairstyle on a daily basis (I still do I guess, when I wash it that is. Ha!) We haven’t seen each other much in the past few years and I was so happy she was staying with us, even for such a short trip.

It was a lazy morning as we all ate, drank coffee and watched their kids play with our “kids.” Willow took a liking to Harrison (5) who didn’t reciprocate the love. Mayan (3) on the other hand, had no problem telling the dogs NO and GET DOWN. They are such cute kids! We went for a walk to the park, which turned into a short hike to an Eagle “sanctuary” not far from our house. Suddenly it was lunchtime. Where did the time go? Usually, we would be on a long bike ride or sucking it up on a long run at this time of day.

We were going to have lunch in Boulder. Preparation time to get two children out of the house is huge. I think it took 45 minutes to actually leave. We finally got to Boulder after 1pm, grabbed sandwiches, walked around Pearl Street for awhile and suddenly it was 3. Is this what life is like for NORMAL PEOPLE?? I felt like we were in some sort of alter-ego time warp as I haven’t done something so non-triathlon related on a Saturday in sooooo long! However, that ended quickly as we drove over to Spruce Pool for our endurance swim -4500 yards. The C’s played in the kiddie pool while we sluggishly lapped it out in the lane pool. I was not into it at all and cut it short at 3600. That’s all I could do.

As we were leaving, we ran into the Skirt Goddess herself, Nicole DeBoom as she had 30 minutes to get in a quick swim, which for her was probably really far. She was testing out a new suit for next year’s line. Can’t wait for 2010 SkirtSports line!

After the swim, we drove up Flagstaff to show the C’s why we moved to Colorado in the first place. It was so awesome to watch their reaction as they looked out towards the continental divide…with the sun starting to set behind the mountains…I imagined that for a brief moment, they toyed with the idea of one day moving here themselves. I think they would absolutely love it!

We bbq’d and chilled out for the rest of the night, laughing, enjoying several IPAs (too many probably) and savoring the company of our wonderful friends! I’m so sad they are leaving tomorrow morning. For the first time in a long time, I forgot about Ironman for awhile...

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