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Friday, August 21, 2009

The last final long swim

It's Friday. It was a long week. I am tired. I have a huge brick tomorrow. How I managed to pull out a 5,000 meter swim under these conditions tonight is beyond me. I was originally only going to swim 3850 and contend with the 5k swim Sunday but something was nagging at me to get the big swim over with. Perhaps it would be knowing that tomorrow's ridiculous 7-8 hour brick would leave me with nothing on Sunday. Or the fact that Mike had already swam his 5k earlier today. Whatever the reason, I changed my mind as I jumped in the water and decided to go for it. and I can honestly say, it was the best swim of my summer and most definitely my life. Everything clicked. everything. I felt my stroke change as the laps went on...all 100 of them. I felt stronger as I went longer. After 2+ hours, I felt satisified. I did this entire workout by myself. I scrapped the idea of a pull buoy. I didn't need it. I finally feel like a swimmer. I coudn't ask for a more incredible moment as I enter into taper. I have found a peace within that I didn't think existed. 22 days until Ironman.

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