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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last stroke n stride of the season

Tonight was the final stroke n stride this summer. Wow, where has time gone? Oddly, winter doesn't pass this quickly as it drags on into late spring but summer just flies by! All the parents are talking about how their kids are going back to school, all my teacher friends actually have to wake up early now and go to work! (bums!)

We weren't sure if tonight's race would go on as the nastiest lightning/thunder strom rolled in around 4:30 and rain pelted down with sideways winds. But in the typical summer storm fashion, it rolled out just as quickly as it rolled in and we made our way to the rez. I felt like I needed to do this swim before Sunday's race, as I haven't spent any time in the open water since the Peak. A whole month ago??? Oy! Although, I love the open water more, it just hasn't been convenient to get to so I have been stuck in a pool.

Our friends, Tara and Todd, flew in from Louisiana for the long course so they were also going to s/n/s tonight. Met Bjames and Wicked Pissah too but we were sans the Gumkowski's and were definitely missing bsg/psg who moved down to Gunnison a month ago and would normally go to a few of these each summer.

I lined up towards the right front again for our swim start. Practicing swimming hard for the first 100 yards to really just get into good position before slowing down to a comfortable pace for me and settling in. This is great training for Ironman, as that will happen mutliple times throughout the swim when sharing the water with 2500 people.

I felt like I had a really great first lap - 750 meters and wasn't sure of my time because when I started to run towards the beach where we would re-enter for the second loop, I saw no one there. Someone had spotted lightning so the rest of the swim was cancelled. I was really bummed because I felt like I was swimming strong.

Got to my transition and heard everyone saying the same thing. I guess everyone was feeling really good about their swim times! My 5k felt great too. I tried to keep a lid on my heart rate but to no avail. Passed quite a bit of people on the run and that always feels good too. I am not quick at this distance so it was encouraging.

Unsure of my time, we packed it up and headed over to Proto's to catch up with Tara, Todd and Bjames. It was a lot of fun and a ton of pizza, wine, beer and chocolate milk was consumed!

Was pleasantly suprised to see my race results:
750m swim - 14:54
5k run - 25:27 (8:13 pace)

I can't believe I swam a sub-15 minute 750! This is huge. I definitely didn't go all out and if I could hold that pace for Ironman, I would be looking at a 1:17 swim, almost 24 minutes faster than last year. Of course, anything could happen on race morning but if I am going to dream, I am going to dream BIG. Clearly my hard work in the pool is paying off and training with Eney Jones has been key to my success! I am so excited for the Long Course - it's going to be a great race.

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