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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Long run and tempo bike

It's 4:40am and I am up drinking some Oregon Chai Tea and vanilla soymilk. I can fall asleep great but I have been waking up in the 3-4am range and just can't seem to get back to bed. It totally stinks. I guess I need to start counting sheep or something to get back to sleep! Up this morning for my "long" run of the week - 8 miles. Going to leave in about 10 minutes. Will report more later on, after my run and then after my tempo bike ride - all 18 miles of it. Did I mention I love getting so close to Ironman?? ahhhh. However, one more long ride - tomorrow - 120 miles and then we're heading into taper (only after our 2.4 mile open water swim saturday morning. ok, then we're REALLY heading into taper.)
Long day at work. Am not only the tiara ditcher but the tempo bike ride ditcher too. I'm freaking pooped and we're riding 120+ miles tomorrow. I'll save that baby ride for Sunday afternoon! Super excited for dinner though - rice pasta with organic ground beef, spinach and mushrooms and cheesy garlic bread and LOTSASALT and a nice glass of cabernet...

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