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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Race Week

Ahh, race week. The culmination of a summer spent training your ass off, sacrificing your social life and spending ridiculous amounts of money so that you can lay it all out on a course and see a) what you're made of and b) what more you could work on for the next one!

We typically scale back volume during race week and try to get our bodies back to a point where they don't hate us and will be well-rested. However, when you're training for an Ironman, that day doesn't truly come until the morning of the Ironman itself. The Long Course is Sunday - a 70.3 mile triathlon - and I am really looking forward to it. Last year, I had an incredible day and pr'd by 32 minutes. Although I am feeling much stronger than last year in both swimming and biking, I am hoping for another pr but only by 10-12 minutes. Possible? Probable? Not sure, we'll wait and see.

Monday - a super casual fun run with Amy and her incredibly cool daughter, Anslee and one of their four labs, Walter. We ran around the neighborhood, nice and easy and talked, a lot. Amy and her husband Christian are joining us in Madison as they both train for their first Ironman. I am so excited for them both! They sound exactly like Mike and I did last year - same fears, nerves, unknown emotions. Crazy! I didn't bring a watch, a heart rate monitor or my iPod. It was a perfect run and I think I ran somewhere between 7 and 8 miles. I love these kinds of workouts!

Tuesday - an hour on my bike. An hour of pure annoyance and aggravation. There's a very loud squeak coming from an unknown source on my bike and if I don't fix it by Sunday, I just might die. Ok, that's a bit dramatic but I am a drama queen. The squeak needs to get fixed! Bike is going into the shop Thursday and I am hopeful this will get taken care of.

Wednesday - 2000 meter swim. I was tired tonight and just not feeling it. Focused on my catch and breathing. Looking forward to tomorrow night's last stroke n stride. I can't remember the last time I swam in open water. The Peak? Hopefully I won't be too sore.

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