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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I've had a rough few days and am still recovering. Monday was my rest day and I had no choice but to take today off as well. AND get a massage. THANKS Magic Hands! Good timing I'd say on this asthma attack. My body has been beat to shit and was desperately telling me I needed a break, just a few days it was telling me. I'm listening. I may go for a 4 mile run tomorrow morning. I only ran once last week and it was my 20 miler. I don't want go into my 70/17 brick this Saturday without having run anything since last week. I have a persistent little cough as a result of my asthma attack and hopefully it will be subsiding in the next few days as I take a host of drugs I am not too thrilled about. Will just grab some cough drops and hope for the best I guess. I just want to get through my key workouts this week. Need to think BIG PICTURE from here on out. Recovery then Ironman.

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