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Monday, August 24, 2009

Rest Day - Part 2

With today's scheduled rest day and yesterday's unschedule rest day, my body is starting to appreciate recovery and is anxious for taper. Our schedule is fairly light this week in preparation for a 120 mile ride Friday and our elective 2.4 mile open water swim on Saturday morning. The rest of the schedule looks quite comical actually in comparison to our heavier recent weeks - an 18 mile tempo ride, a long run of a whopping 8 miles? I love it. It will be possible to arrange the training days so that I can get at least one more, if not two days off. My hamstrings are happy and my joints are joyful.

We have a couple of friends making there way out to Canada and Kentucky this Sunday for Ironman. Wicked Pissah is going to kill the Canada course as he has trained his ass off since January. This will be #4 for him and if all goes well, perhaps, there will be another one in October. He has a lot of Colorado support and we will all be cheering him on from our computers. The Pleasantville Viewer is heading to Louisville for her first Ironman. I am so excited for her and the unknowns that lie before her - the excitement, the nerves. Her life will never be the same after that 140.6 miles and all for the better. Mike and I will be refreshing like crazy at our laptops on the dining room table throughout the day - spectating from a tabletop is quite stressful actually! We wish them and everyone else racing the best of luck! In the meantime, 19 days until Ironman.

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