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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rest Day

It was a crazy sunday so I don't really feel likeI rested all that much. Was up at 5am for no good reason. Actually, was up because I was so excited for my pal, Amy, who was doing IMKY. Since they were 2 hours ahead, I was able to track her come out of the water in an astonishing sub-1 hour swim. Incredible. Was so wired after that there was no way I was going back to bed.

Volunteered for SkirtSports at the Venus de Miles expo in Longmont. It's an all women's organized ride which had almost 1500 riders this year. Had a ton of fun and met some amazing women but didn't get out of there til almost 1pm. However, I was getting text updates on Wicked Pissah's status at Ironman Canada from Mike and Jess throughout the expo so I was still in the loop.

Got home and plopped down in front of the computer for a few hours tracking our IM friends and then around 3:30, Mike and I headed out to check out a kennel in Golden. Wasn't too thrilled with the location, being all of a few hundred yards from Hwy 93. Hopefully we can find someone to stay at the house to watch the kids. Fingers crossed.

Spent the rest of the day tracking and watching IMKY and IM Canada. Ironman is only 2 weeks away. What?!?! and today has gotten me so psyched up for it. I have never been so excited for a race in my whole life, not even the Boston Marathon! :) Congratulations to Amy and Craig - they both had incredible races!!! 14 days until Ironman...

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