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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tempo Thursday

With an extra day off this week, there's been some shuffling around of workouts. I will most likely have to ditch at least two, if not three, unless I want to destroy myself (no thank you.) Today was also the first day I've had a two-a-day in quite awhile.

Slept in til 4:50am [sarcasm] and sprung out of bed again, eager to get the day started [not sarcasm.] After a really fun afternoon yesterday and great night hanging out with Mike, it really didn't matter that I only got about 6 hours of sleep. Maybe I'm just one of those high functioning people on too little sleep?!? Cest la vie. Morning was cool as I headed out in a Vintage Gym Girl and Sweetest Tee - Tatoo Shirt- apparently, it was only 49! I ran tempo speed though so was able to warm most of myself up, however, the hands and fingers were most definitely numb. Clearly, could have run faster! No coughing or asthma trouble though, a very encouraging sign that I am back to "normal."

Worked 7:30-3:30 today - LOVE those hours. I really like getting home "early" and feeling like I can get some stuff done around here before doing a workout or walking the dogs. There's no rush to hurry up so we're not eating dinner at 9pm.

Rode the bike afterwork - planned workout, 30 mile tempo ride. Lots of z4 stuff that I knew my poor, tired little legs couldn't do. I did manage a lot of z3 though and rode 29.18 miles in 1:38, averaging 17.8mph. That is super fast for me, one day I'll average 18 for a stupid training ride...one day.

We made a big fun mexican dish (well, Mike did, I cleaned up) and just had dessert, Chocolate Peanut Butter skinny cows. I am ready for bed. Tomorrow, swim - 3850m if I'm not mistaken BUT I am sleeping in til 6am. That workout will have to wait until AFTER work.

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