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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Week 2 of 4 / PEAK

This week has been kind of crazy. We rested Monday and were back at it Tuesday…swam at Union rez, up in Longmont. It was a gorgeous night, perfect water conditions. I love swimming at this reservoir at night. I breathe to the left and can see the trees and above it the mountains, with the sun setting gently behind it. It’s the perfect backdrop and helps me stay calm and peaceful in the water. I absolutely love open water swimming right now. That statement seems absolutely nuts to me. Wilson – I REALLY DO LOVE SWIMMING! Swam 3600 yards and felt great. That’s only 624 yards short of Ironman distance. It’s the furthest I’ve swam in the long sleeved wetsuit and no issues. Yay! Mike and I are going to do an organized 2.4 mile open water swim on his birthday so we can hit that distance just once outside before IM.

Wednesday…rode 22 miles (was supposed to ride 32 but legs weren't having it) and it felt ok, just really wanted to spin out the legs, work out the kinks and get back in the saddle with fully padded shorts. I hate tri shorts – not enough chamois for this girl. Love the Vogue Shorties –they make my rides so much more comfortable!

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