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Sunday, September 27, 2009

3150 meter swim and a clean house!

My house is immaculate. I find it so much easier to clean and tackle home improvement projects when Mike is out of town. It's just easier I guess when I'm the only one making the messes. I worked on a lot of the little things that I haven't even thought about since the winter. After spending about 5 hours doing that, I headed to the pool.

I was not looking forward to this swim. I'll be honest. I was still tired and my allergies have been out of control. However, it had to be done so I jumped in and pushed off the wall. I focused in sets of 500 meters just to make it bearable. Once I was finished though, I felt so much better. I had a great swim. I thought a lot about my upcoming race, what would the water be like, the temperature, the humidity and how I would handle it all. I am really looking forward to racing in Florida. I think moreso simply because I will get to see my family.

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Amy said...

I love a clean house!!!!! Glad you enjoyed your swim after the fact.

See you for lunch tomorrow!