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Thursday, September 10, 2009


We spent the morning running errands, finishing up last minute packing and getting the house (and girls) ready for their new babysitter, Jeff. The kids are in good hands and we are so grateful we don't have to board them. (I would worry like crazy - thanks a million JW!)

We flew the world's tiniest plane to Madison - ok it seated like, 50, and was called a jet but still. It was freaking tiny. I was quite nervous/sick on the ascent... when we finally got above the clouds and were allowed to turn on our approved electronic devices, I settled in and chilled out. We landed around 7pm and our incredible internet friend from Michigan, Eric, picked us up. He's a hoot and yes, I really did meet him on the internet - myspace actually from some triathlon club about a year and a half-ago. Admittedly, myspace is LAME but all the same, we would have never met this wonderful person. I did meet him last year at IMMOO - he came out to support, volunteer and sign up for this year's race. He's the most energetic 130lb guy I know. Sunday is going to be a ton of fun with him on the course!

Along with Eric and his buddy Brad, we met up with the Dickerson's and Riley's at Paisan's, where we ate pasta, drank beer and laughed. a lot. There was an ease about the evening with these great people and I am glad we got to spend some alone time together before the craziness and electricity of the Ironman weekend! 3 more days until Ironman...yowza!


KK said...

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Ohhh, I hope you had a great race!!