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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No go.

Despite the crazy winds this afternoon, I was going to try and get my long run for the week in - 14 miles. Mentally, I was off the map. Have been for a few days. Head is in la-la land. But the forecast tomorrow wasn't looking so hot so I thought, hell, I'll give it a go. Got about 1 mile away from home at what could best be described as "a dying snail's pace" before I stopped. Right in the middle of the sidewalk. I looked around. What am I doing I thought? I am not sure if I gave up and quit or just used good sense. This run was going to be junk and rather than waste my time suffering physically AND mentally and further damaging my self-esteem, I turned around and walked home. I had more spring in my step knowing that I didn't have to work out. I really needed this rest, in more ways than one. I came home to a warm and loving husband and a really yummy dinner. I'll try this again tomorrow.

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Amy said...

Good for you for knowing when to say when. And for Mike to feed you. :)