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Sunday, September 6, 2009

One more week!

After last night's IMMOOPALOOZA (thanks G's for the forever lasting palooza-pahtay theme) at Amanda's, we all are definitely antsy just to get Madison more than ever. It's a great Crew heading to Wisconsin this year and it's going to make the out and back run course really fun. From the HEP team, there are going to be 4 IM veterans (including one newly ordaned PRO) and 5 newbies. Our goals are all different but ultimately we share one, to finish with a big, fat smile on our face. I think that is easy enough, don't you?

We have the most amazing Ironman support Crew ever! Thank you to all of you have supported us with encouraging words, well-wishes beyond imagination and the endless putting up with our talk of training/being tired/complaining. We love you so much!

Today, I rode 15 miles, very leisurely and thought about next Sunday. How would I feel? Where would I be at "this exact" time and so on. I remember how much work that bike course is - all the rolling hills, false flats, sharp turns etc. There is no time to relax and ride - I guess being so busy changing gears really does make the time pass quickly though. I am hoping it will pass just a little bit more quickly this year as I streamline my special needs stop. My goal is to go about .8 miles faster per mile AFTER my stops. We'll just see what happens. 7 days until Ironman...

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Amy said...

Man I am excited for you (and everyone else going). I got chills reading this small post! Ahhhhh. You're going to do great!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cna't wait for the after-party!