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Monday, September 7, 2009

Short ride and swim

Mike and I rode for an hour today on our road bikes as our tri bikes are already on their way to Wisconsin (thank you Mr and Mrs Howie for the lift!) It felt so different in the road position - I haven't ridden that bike since June. It was comfortable though and it really made me think how fortunate I am to be able to afford such incredible bikes. My Dean rides like a dream and Mike and I had fun just tooling around Broomfield, checking out some million dollar homes that we absolutely drool over. The weather was perfect too.

After that, we came home and did chores, finished up packing for Madison and then headed to the gym for the final day of swimming outside. Swam a mile before hitting the beach lounge chairs to simply, relax. I haven't done that in a few days - I felt like I had been on-the-go since Friday. After about 40 minutes we left to run more errands, come home and do more chores before finally settling in for the night. It's only 8:24pm but I think I am ready for bed. 6 days until Ironman...

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