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Monday, September 28, 2009


For a Monday, it wasn't too chaotic at work. However, work is never as crazy as the world I live in outside of the office. I am desperately trying to find some balance and peace in my life while training for a second iron-distance race. It's not easy. I love the challenge of it though, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. Today should have been my rest day but with a heavier training schedule this week and the dwindling daylight after work, I had to make some changes and run.

The schedule read 7 mile tempo run but my legs can't read so it was a nice OD run. Slow. steady. I haven't been in my running shoes since the marathon last week and wasn't sure how it would play out tonight. Fortunately, my body and legs felt fantastic but my feet were still pretty raw and unhappy. I cranked up Alexi Murdoch on my iPod, hoping to drown out the pain I was feeling below and just get lost in the music and the environment.

The weather was gorgeous and the sunset over the mountains was so blissful. Leaves are turning colors and you can feel a breeze in the air that just screams FALL IS HERE. I could feel myself relaxing more as the run went on. These are the kinds of runs that I love. No pressure. Just some real peace and quiet...I thought about so many different things... Mike's Ironman in CdA next year, mine in just a few weeks, my race schedule next year, hanging out with my girlfriends, what life would be like if we had a baby... Again, NO pressure. Just thoughts with no rhyme or reason... There was no structure to my mind and I was able to really let go of the day. We all need a little ssshhh time every now and again, right?

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Amy said...

Right-o. Sounds like a peaceful and blissful run....I love those.