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Friday, September 4, 2009

The start of a 3 day weekend!

Up at 5am for a 5 mile tempo run. Love getting up before the sun, really. *sarcasm* However, I had no choice. Run was good but I was pretty tired. Another gorgeous sunrise AND the harvest moon. I tried to take pictures but it didn't work out. Also, shaking off the funk that I've been in. Sometimes I just need to work through this crap on my own. I know exactly why this stuff happens and when my mind starts to take a digger, I typically need about 2 days to shake it off. I love the day before a holiday weekend because work shuts down at 2:15pm. I went straight to the gym from work so that I could swim and get that done before heading home. I was supposed to swim 2800 but had no drive and simply stopped at 2200 meters. I was totally ok with that. I am pooped. I have busted my ass for 25 weeks. I just want Ironman to get here. Not long now. 9 days until Ironman.

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