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Friday, September 11, 2009

We're here and getting settled in.

We arrived in Madison last night and were greeted by our dear friend Eric at the airport ... the fact that we were standing before him meant that a whole year had passed and we were all finally going to do Ironman. So exciting! Headed to Paisan's for dinner with his friend Brad and met up with the Riley's and Dickerson's. Loaded up on pasta, salt and beer. *hey - we're triathletes, the beer IS important* There was definitely some nervous energy in the air - we laughed til we cried and chatted about the upcoming weekend.

This morning, we went down to the Gatorade swim where we ran into more old friends from back home and Arizona and then took a dip in the warm (yet very mirky) waters of the lake. Lots of yucky seaweed as we headed out towards the buoys and a funky smell. Definitely makes me want to swim a little faster just to get out of there. It was also rumored that a young man had drowned earlier in the week and the body had not yet been found. Um. yeah...

Reigstered in the afternoon and walked around the expo for a bit wondering how much money everyone was spending in schwag for this thing. Ironman is a money pit. (but oh-so-worth-going-broke!)

All the parents arrived today and we took them to the Athlete's Pasta Dinner. It was extremely motivating and got all of us charged up and ready for Sunday. The statistics were pretty cool. Over 2,700 registered triathletes. Over 1,140 Iron-virgins. One man there had done 40 Ironman's in his life (he looked to be in his 40s.) Three people had lost over 100lbs while training, of which one man had lost 212lbs to get here. Colorado was the 5th most represented state. The youngest competitor was 18, the oldest somewhere in his 70s. I would be the cutest one out there on Sunday and so on. (just kidding!)

One more day... I get to do an Ironman the day after tomorrow. WOOHOO!

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