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Friday, October 2, 2009

2.4 mile swim

Ahhh, Friday. With respect to the work week I look forward to this day *verymuchso* With respect to my weekend, it's a little dreaded *alittlemoreso*. Friday kicks off three days of intense training. Big workouts. Only one weekend left (after this one) until taper. Thank goodness. I know I chose to do this second iron-distance race but it doesn't negate the fact that it's hard, really freaking hard. I am definitely digging deeper than ever before and I embrace the challenge, but I don't always have to smile about it. :)

After this morning's visit to the doctor, it was determined that I have a sinus infection. That explains everything. With the next course of action, I should be feeling better quickly.

It's been tough lately to find the motivation to go to the cold pool and swim. I'll be honest, I dread swimming the most of the 3 disciplines right now. Truly, my sole motivation is the hot tub that bubbles happily while waiting for me afterwards. So, with that little reward lingering, I jump in. And 90 minutes later, I jump out and very eagerly get into the hot tub. Right now, it's my sanctuary- a little place I can find some serenity. Ahhh, Friday.

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