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Saturday, October 3, 2009

60/13 Brick

Woke up hoping that this week's ride would go much better than last week's. I had no gas in the tank. I went to bed early last night so I could get a jump start on the bike. Unfortunately, it's too cold for these bones to ride early so I started off on the trainer, catching up on missed Must-See-TV for the week. 30 miles passed very quickly. About 9:45am, I headed outdoors.

It is definitely fall in Colorado...It was still very cool out. I had on a long sleeved jeresey, a jacket, a windbreaker, capri tights and gloves. (and I still froze my arse off) It was a sunny, clear morning though and the view of the mountains was breathtaking, something that will never get old as long as I live. Every time I look to the west, it's as if I am seeing the mountains for the very first time. I have to sometimes catch my breath because I am so overwhelmed at their beauty and magnitude.

On my way home, I was a little concerned that my feet would have some difficulty transitioning to the run because they were somewhat numb from the temperature. I probably should have worn booties over my shoes but I couldn't find them immediately upon leaving. I didn't bother to search for them and I should have.

Once home and in my running clothese, the air around me seemed warmer. It always does when you're not on a bike. It was the perfect day for a run! As I made my way out to my two loop course, the sensation in my feet was a little unnerving. I couldn't really feel them but knew that once the heat got back into them, they may be a little sore. *sigh* nothing new of course.

I felt terrific on the run. Legs felt fresh. I have decided that I LOVE running after 50-60 mile rides. My best runs are right after. I know that sounds strange but I guess I really need that warm-up. I ran my first 6.4 mile loop in 1:00:22. I was pretty excited about that and have been on a negative-split mission lately so I was more determined to run the second loop faster. [Sidenote: I have been able to get back into z3 while running. Very happy about that!] I maintained a higher HR this second time, low z3 and it was comfortable. Finished the second loop in 58:30. Very exciting for this mountain loving turtle.

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Amy said...

Way to go sister friend. And to negative split it after such a long workout, impresive. The mountains never get old to me either!! Love them.