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Friday, October 23, 2009

Family time in Florida

We got in last night around dinner time and headed over to my brother and sister-in-laws for the night. The Brewers came over and it was so nice to finally spend some time with my family. I think the last time we were all together (minus Michelle boohoo) was at Bobby's wedding a few years ago. I definitely was able to relax and get in some much needed laughs. My 3 year old niece Alexis is adorable and highly entertaining. It bums me out that we don't all live closer but it makes the time we spend together more special.

My sister and I are notorious for laughing so hard we cry and sometimes worse. I love hanging out with her because we just laugh and smile and laugh some more. It annoys everyone, I'm pretty sure. We always used to get in trouble when we were kids for goofing around. Some things have not changed a bit.

Today, Amy, Alexis, Mike and I went over to the race site to get me registered and settled in. Took a little spin up one of the (numerous) hills in Clermont. This place is ridiculous. Florida is flat EXCEPT for this city. Tomorrow's ride is going to be very interesting (and hard.)

Carbo-loading tonight and am hoping to get to bed early. The race starts at 7:30am... SO excited!

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Amy said...

Katie and I are the same way (as I'm sure you can imagine). LOVED the pictures and the wig. Do you watch Saturday Night Live? It reminds me of "Gilly."