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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fast Forward...

...to Saturday. Working backwards will easily tell you why it is I am so exhausted. OR should I be rewinding....hmmm.

Today, I rode 45 miles (2:45) on the trainer. It snowed and was gloomy, NO sunshine. I wanted desperately to take a nap but I would have been down for the count. Mustered up the gusto to get my ass to the pool. I had two choices - 2000 swim or 3500. I sort of compromised at 3000. My arms were soooo tired that they were slapping the water. Spent about 20 minutes in the hot tub. Could have fallen asleep.

Friday, I ran 9 miles before work. Up at 5am to brave 29 degrees. Got 'er done at 89 minutes. After a very uneventful day at work, I headed straight to the pool for my long swim, 4500 meters. I was too tired and quit at 3900 meters (2.4 miles.) At this point, I don't see any advantage to swimming any farther than IM distance.

Thursday, I really have to think about what I did. Um, OH RIGHT - MASSAGE!
Jess is back from India and was definitely energized and ready to "work." She hit all the right places and my body felt incredible afterwards. Thank you Magic Hands!

Wednesday, the "long ride." I checked the forecast for the week and picked, what I felt, would be the best day for a 90 mile ride. Had a great ride. No ups or downs, just steady. At this point, I am wondering how my day will be at the Great Floridian if it's 90, sunny and humidHUMID. Really wishing at this point I could set up my bike on the trainer in a steam room.

Tuesday, unintentional rest day. Much needed.

So, there you have it. My week in a nutshell. Fast forward to right now: eating homemade minestrone soup, sipping red wine and watching IM World Championships in Kona live from our computers. Congratulations to 3 time consecutive winners Crowie and Chrissie...watching them has re-energized me for my upcoming race 2 weeks from today. Looking forward to tomorrow's 18 mile run with
the Average Skirt.

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