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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lots of changes

Ok, ok. So, I can't decide on a new layout. I guess with the changing of the seasons and the purging of feelings etc., the same is applying to my blog. Not sure if I am loving this layout either so don't be surprised if you see a few new looks before I settle in.

This week started off pretty rocky and full of very ugly feelings but has ended on a quite an opposite note. We were anticipating a change in work hours because of our buyout by a large corporation. We have been working 35 hours a week ever since I started here and the "owner" has been working 40. One extra hour a day is huge. The commute would be much worse during those times and I simply don't want to work more. Does anyone really?? At any rate, I had jumped the gun in thinking that they would impose that huge jump in time. They met us half-way and starting at the end of December, I will be working an extra 30 minutes a day. This will force me to finally take my hour lunch every day. I hadn't done that before and would end up sitting at my desk for 8 hours instead. Along with the extra time in the day, comes extra pay. The upside. They will be paying us for our time and that will equate to about 7% more in salary. In these tough economic times, I'm thrilled! So. Now that's behind me and I can move on.

As far as training this week, it's gone quite well. I rode 19 miles on the trainer Tuesday. Ran 5 miles before work Wednesday. Ran 10 miles after work Thursday. Swam 2450 meters yesterday - best workout of the week, I think. I have decided to start embracing tempo and speed work. I want to get faster. and the only way to do that is to really work hard. It's a promise that I am making to myself going forward. I am tired of watching everyone else speed by me, knowing that they are either naturally fast or they work really hard. I am not naturally speedy and I don't really work hard. I half-ass it. a. lot. But that's a whole other conversation for another day.

Getting ready for my brick today - 35/6. Looking forward to it as I always enjoy running after a ride. Waiting another 20 minutes or so to see if it will warm up enough so I can ride outside and enjoy this gorgeous fall weather we've been having. It's 41 right now. Maybe the trainer for a bit then outside? Brave the outside altogether? Not sure what I am going to do... things just seem to keep changing lately.

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