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Monday, October 5, 2009


I should have taken today as a rest day but this week is monstrous. It's "peak week." Coach has taken 4 weeks of peak training and wrapped it up into 1. I have my long swim, long ride and long run this week. Plus some hearty workouts to boot. So, I wanted to get a jump start on everything. Rode the trainer after work for 20 miles. Worked up a good sweat in the basement. Wishing I could be riding in a steam room right now given the weather I will be facing in Florida on October 24th. I am hoping that altitude training will trump humidity. If nothing else, my skin will glow on race day! (OH and did I mention the e coli warnings from about a month ago in central Florida? ay yay yay!)

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TarynMurtagh said...

You're doing the work and it will pay off, lovely lady. Keep digging deep, knowing that you've got it in you, Kristina. Plus, there's always beer on the other end!