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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Party's over

Brick today - Opted to ride outside and I am so glad I did. It was gorgeous out - I was probably a little overdressed but it can't hurt to be TOO warm with the upcoming race taking place in Florida. Although a cool front has settled into the Orlando area, I can only imagine that it will exit earlier than I want it to.

I was a little sluggish on the ride and fell short about a mile but found a pretty challenging, hilly and windy route to tackle today. The Great Floridian bike course is somewhat similar to Wisconsin so there's no point in riding easy flats. (plus we don't have much of that type of riding where I live.) I wasn't thrilled with my average mph over 34 miles but I know I will feel much stronger come one week from today.

Transitioned for the run and wanted to try out my new CEP running O2 compression socks. I have decided that there's enough cushioning in the toes and heels and that I am going to wear these for the marathon. It will probably cost me 2 minutes in transition to get them on beause they are so freaking tight but it may save me 10-15 for the actual run. I'll take it. I should have a much faster T1 too because the transition tent is much closer and more traditional then Wisconsin so I am hoping to get some extra time there to make up for the "sock change." Plus I will most likely be swimming in my bike outfit and won't have to change. (thanks for the info Jess!)

I was able to get up into z3 right away in the beginning of my run and the legs felt great, especially my calves. I put Super Feet back into my running shoes and the pain was virtually non-existent compared to the past few weeks without the orthotics. 6 miles flew by and I finished in 55 minutes. Remember my pity party about not being fast, well, the party has ended and I am pushing and working harder to improve my speed. I know it won't do me much good physically for next week but mentally, I am breaking through a very negative and repetitive thought process. Just another thing I have discovered about myself through Ironman. Pity parties just. plain. suck.

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Kelly B said...

Wrongo sister on th socks!!!
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