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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy bee.

Ah, Sunday night. I am exhausted and that's how I know I had a great weekend. We were busy with things around the house, working out, walking the dogs, hanging out with friends, tracking our friends at Ironman Arizona ALL day today, shopping and running errands. I am so grateful that this will be another short work week. I love the holidays and all the days off I get from work (although it is arguable that I do not get enough!) I am also looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree and making the house festive before Mike's parents get here in just a few short weeks. This year has been really good to me and it's hard to believe there is a little more than a month left of it. W0w. How does that happen? and why do I seem to ask myself this question every year? My life IS busy but my life is so good.

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KK said...

And looking forward to happy hour on Friday with KK and Amy and hopefully Temple!!! You are busy, but busy = fulfillment (usually). P.S. If you think you get a lot of days off now, you should really consider a career in teaching :)