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Friday, November 27, 2009


Unfortunately, had to work on this wonderul day referred to as Black Friday.  I am actually kidding - I have/would/will never go shopping on this day.  No way. I watched Lie to Me this week and I saw what can happen at the storefronts in the pre-dawn hours.  No thanks, no need for a broken bone.  Thankfully, I only had to work until 11:15am.  It was completely dead too.  Those 3+ hours sure dragged on but it would not be worth taking off a whole day for that short amount of time.  As usual, I sucked it up. 

I was going to go to the gym straight from work but had forgotten my gym shoes (and realized this as I was pulling into the parking lot - der) so I had to make the detour home.  I picked up Mike and we headed over.  We hit the elliptical together.  For an hour.  I am a glutton for punishment I tell you.  I hate that thing.  Afterwards, went to the weight room with the meatheads.  Worked on arms, back and shoulders.  I was sore and hungry.  Came home to a wonderful turkey salad that Mike had prepared with the left-overs. YUM! Tonight, we're heading over to AKT's for a holiday visit and look forward to catching up with her and KK.  Can't wait.  We laugh our butts off  when we're together. 

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