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Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Week

I always love “the holiday week.” Work always seems to be less busy and goes by quickly. People everywhere seem to be a little friendlier and the energy seems to be bright and vibrant. Neighborhoods are already sprinkled with festive lights and a few impatient families have already started putting up Christmas decorations. Hope lingers in everyone’s hearts and joy becomes the prevalent emotion.

Running at night gives me a greater appreciation for all of those things. As I pass by the homes of those whose windows that are unshielded, revealing the already sparkling trees in front of glowing fireplaces, I feel a warm welcome. I feel the holiday spirit and love for mankind. I look forward to running at night during the holiday season, especially after Thanksgiving when more folks will have decorated their homes in anticipation of Santa’s arrival. The beautiful colors, twinkling in the cool winter night make for a gorgeous backdrop while I spend some quality time with my running shoes.

Tonight’s 7 mile run was quite simply, lovely. That may seem like a silly word for a workout but it suits it best. My feet turned over quickly as I warmed myself up in the chilly night. Nothing hurt. No aches, no pains. Lately my left foot has had huge issues but tonight, nothing. Perhaps in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, my body too conceded to the hope and joy of the season.

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