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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not much going on

and I am not particularly liking it. I am unmotivated to work-out or eat healthy. I don't have the same metabolism when I am not training insane hours and I don't have the will power to cut back the calories right now. I am definitely in a post-season slump and need to get out of it. ASAP. Unfortunately, I need those endorphins from my long workouts to keep me 'happy' too. So, this weekend will end my final week of un-structure. I have tested it out for 3 weeks and realize I don't like it. I know some of you LOVE it. Not me. I am feeling too lost. I will draw up my own weekly schedule so that I can have goals for myself and targets to reach. Mike is spending a lot of time in the weight room and I think I want to join him. and I definitely need more sleep. I am waking up a lot through the night and part of it is because I am not getting enough exercise. My mind is racing too and I need to quiet it down. My therapist will help me there (love her!) So, the quest for balance continues. I'll find it soon.

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Amy said...

Glad you're going to get back on track so you feel better. I on the other hand am loving my fat self. :)