What the hell is Ditch the Tiara?

Redefining the word beautiful...one dirty, sweaty, bruised up mile at a time, with a few downward dogs along the way...

Saturday, November 28, 2009


32 miles on the trainer.  Kept my cadence up high and managed to average 18.6 mph.  Perhaps I didn't have the resistance tight enough but I wanted to keep a quick turnover and this seemed to work out perfectly for my goal today.  Caught up on the Biggest Loser too.  Next week is the finale! 

Not much else on the agenda today.  Errands, cleaning, the usual.  Rented some chick flicks and looking forward to lounging around tonight with the hubby.  I am really excited to try a new seasonal beer too -Lagunitas Brown Shugga - apparently it was an accident and packs a punch.   

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