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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This week seems to be whizzing by. Can't actually complain about that. I don't like to wish my weeks away but let's be honest, I am not exactly in love with working. Yesterday, we had a retirement planning seminar and I am really excited to plan that part of my future. I increased my 401k contribution rate to 8% and am hoping to bump it up to 10% by the end of the year. We also found out that we (the employees of my company) have the opportunity to convert our Employer matches to a Roth 401k. This is exciting because it means that I will pay the taxes (on the free money given to me by my employer) NOW but in 30 years, I won't pay tax on any of it therefore more money in MY pocket. Woohoo!

I guess I have really been spending time thinking about our future. I have been diligent about paying down the credit card. I am trying to watch my spending now. [KEY WORD: TRYING] It's tough to do when you participate in marathons and triathlon, especially Ironman. Thankfully, I have spent the past 2 seasons building up my triathlon gear collection so there's not much I really need going forward.

As far as marathons, I was talking to a work colleague yesterday about what makes a marathon, well, a marathon. Is it the $100 race fee and the $275 airline ticket and the $110/night hotel room to get to the race and the thousands of spectators and the volunteers handing you gatorade? Or is it simply you running 26.2 miles? Right out your front door. for. FREE. I vote the latter. Don't get me wrong, I love running organized marathons - clearly - because I have done it 41 times. However, after reading Born to Run, I realize now that there (can be) so much more to the sport. Heart. Happiness. Camaraderie. So, I am going to run a few "marathons" in the next few months that aren't going to cost me a dime and I am going to do it for fun. be happy. and enjoy the company of my friends. If you're looking to "register" for a marathon, shoot me an email. I promise you will have a medal waiting for you when you finish. (Mike and I are going to Michaels this weekend to make our own medals!) Don't live near me? So, go do it anyways. Stop breaking the bank. Take the money you would normally spend and put it into savings. You'll thank yourself for it 26.2 miles later.


Amy said...

I want in! Such a good idea!!!!!!! Since I'm helping my friend train but I don't want to register or pay to go to CA this falls into a perfect category for me.

You're awesome......period.

TarynMurtagh said...

I'm totally down, lady, what a great idea. Well, "down" if I can shake the fear of completing 26.2 miles. Maybe I should be on the relay team....

will the medal ceremony include a beer chug?