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Thursday, December 10, 2009

8 mile "tempo" run

The Los Angeles Marathon is only about 14 weeks out so I figured it was about time I started to get serious about training for it.  I have some pretty big expectations of myself at this race and working on speed is the only way to live up to them.  I know myself and I know I won't train faster if I am left to run on my own outside so off to the treadmill I went.

I started off around 6mph and began to increase that pace by .2-.4 every mile after.  By the time I hit my final mile, I was running somewhere around 7.6mph and finished off at 8mph.  That pace is way faster than my goal race pace but I had something to prove to myself.  My left foot was still a little numb but at least there was no pain.  Perhaps my socks are too thick?  Not sure, I am still working on this issue - I am kind of scared to go out and try a new shoe but perhaps it's time.  After my run, I met up with Mike and we worked on back and arms.  I had a solid workout and am starting to feel strong.  and maybe a little faster.

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