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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My favorite pub

Mike and I do not go out to eat very often, in fact I think I can count on both hands how many times we go out in a year. However, when we do go it’s such a treat. We took his parents to one of our favorite watering holes –  Old Louisville Inn in downtown Louisville. Love love love this pub. It reminds me so much of the places I used to go to when I lived back in Chicago. The cool little Irish bar that would be at the end of the block, tucked away in a yuppie neighborhood. It’s about 15 minutes from the house and I was pretty sure we had ourselves a DD (one of Mike’s parents) so we could really enjoy the beers on tap!

I ordered the vegetarian burrito and it was delicious. (strayed from my go-to chicken quesadilla)  It was accompanied by three Odell’s Five Barrel Pale Ales (about 2 too many on a school night.) We got home and were all in bed by 9:15pm, completely full and utterly exhausted!


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AND you met the one and only Johnny B! Now THAT is a perfect night ;). Can't wait to see you soooooon!