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Monday, December 28, 2009

The past few days

I had some great workouts this past weekend and realized I hadn't taken a day off from working out in over a week.  So, today I am going to relax, catch up on some reading and enjoy the downtime while Mike has his first workout post-surgery at the gym.  I am really excited for him as he has been a little bored (to say the least) with just sitting around with his leg propped up in front of the tv. 

Christmas - Ran speedwork which consisted of 3 one-mile repeats (ugh) followed by an hour of weight training.  It felt good to work off the excessive holiday calories and the gym was completely empty so I really enjoyed the ease of getting onto any machine I wanted.  I pretty much owned the place.  *sarcasm* 

Saturday - 30 miles on the trainer while watching Patriot Games.  No matter what movie or how old he is, Harrison Ford is just sexy.  (I was definitely a part of Team Han Solo vs. Team Luke!) 

Sunday - 10 mile long run outside.  It felt great to breathe in some fresh air and get out on the roads.  It was cool but sunny and still a little icy but I ran an out and back course on country roads that were completely plowed.  Late afternoon, I went to a beginner's CorePower yoga class with the Average Skirt and felt muscles that lay dormant for over a year.  I needed the inner quiet time that practicing yoga provides (while kicking your ass with simple moves like Crescent Lunge and Cobra).  I miss it and will definitely make going once a week a top priority. 

Today - NOTHING and enjoying it. Sort of.  Desperately trying to enjoy it.  Let's face it, I really do hate the off-season.  Ok, hate is a strong word.  Let's try this.  I am anxious to get back into training only because I haven't figured out how to quiet my mind which is why yoga is going to be a must in my regimen.  Alright, that's better.  In the meantime, maybe I should pop in Return of the Jedi or Indiana Jones...

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