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Friday, December 4, 2009

Post-"marathon" week

The one nice thing about running a marathon on a treadmill at a much slower than desired pace is that my recovery is zippidydooda-fast! My hips ached a teense on Monday and Tuesday but the legs felt pretty good as did the rest of my body.

I spent some time in the gym this week lifting weights, working on that strength that I am definitely lacking. I started to work on legs for the first time in years. I have been putting it off for some time knowing full well how much it was going to hurt. I admit, I was pretty surprised at my weak string bean legs. I could BARELY do leg extensions at 25lbs. Mike asked if that was per leg. Um. No. That was both legs. Wow. I have a ways to go. When I was in my 20s I could easily do that exercise at 90lbs. (I was also much “bigger” back then and had the strength apparently.)

Received a wonderful 75 FREE massage from a terrific student at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy Wednesday night. What a treat!

I have been skipping the pool in the worst way. Every day I vow to go but when the temperature is in the teens and the snow is blowing, I think, oh-hell-no-there’s-plenty-of-time-in-the-spring! But I do miss swimming so much. Maybe next week? (nah)

I am going to remain running-free for the rest of the week though and spend some time on the trainer, turning over the legs, breaking up the lactic acid that has so nicely built up from my treadmill stunt. Getting ready for my in-laws visit tomorrow. They’re coming in from Florida – poor things are going to be so cold when they get here!

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Amy said...

I have yet to hit the weights at the TAC (Turner Athletic Club). Good for you though!