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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Tuesday is the dreaded day I run my speedwork.  I hate it.  I look forward to simply getting it over with. But I must do it if I want to get faster.  and I want to get faster!

Today's workout?  1 mile warm up, 1.2 mile cool down and in-between a whole lotta hell...  1/4 mile repeats, 10 times - after each .25 miles at "x" speed, recover for .15 miles at slow speed.  It went down like this (and I almost did too)

1/4 @ 7:30 min/mile
1/4 @ 7:30 min/mile
almost die
1/4 mile @ 7:47 min/mile
1/4 mile @ 7:47 min/mile
1/4 mile @ 7:47 min/mile
getting the hang of this speed
1/4 mile @ 7:47 min/mile
let's turn it up a notch
1/4 mile @ 7:41 min/mile
yeah, I don't think so
1/4 mile @ 7:47 min/mile
let's try and be a hero
1/4 mile @ 7:19 min/mile
almost vomit and pass out
1/4 mile @ 7:47 min/mile
fist pump, it's over

Today's lessons? 
1. Never eat anything past 2pm on speedwork day, it will revisit you at the gym
2. Limit foods on speedwork day to simple, basic carbs - skip the brussel sprouts!
3. I am stronger than I think

Finished up my workout with 45 minutes of weight training with Mike.  Focusing on the muscles used in swimming and hoping they translate well in the water.  When I get my ass back into the pool, I'll let you know. 


Mike said...

you are FUNNY...brussel sprouts...hehe

Keri said...

I am with you on the speed work. I am trying to get faster and have realized the only way to do so is to actually do the speed work that is on the schedule. Who would have thought? I am glad you survived! You will be Ms. Speedy before you know it!